Earn Money With Google Adsense For Content Monetization

Earn Money With Google Adsense For Content Monetization

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Pada kesempatan ini Trianews.com akan berbagi informasi tentang dengan judul artikel "Earn Money With Google Adsense For Content Monetization".

Earn Money With Google Adsense For Content Monetization - Content Monetization To Earn Money With Google Adsense Content Requirements Must Be As a blogger when the site we created has become a partner of google adsense of course very happy, how not the site that we build to share valuable information for each visitor it can make money.

But before it should we first understand about all the things we make and we publish this is in accordance with the provisions of google adsense.

Lots of people get adsense rejection to monitize their content sites, and the thing that matters the most is about sites that have not met for adsense.

This has been much discussed and discussed by other bloggers, however, to determine whether our site is suitable for adsense it is better for the viral core to discuss a bit about it.

Then how to ensure our content site is appropriate for adsense ?

In order to succeed with AdSense, we need pages with unique content that are relevant to your visitors and provide a great user experience. Before signing up for AdSense, make sure first whether the site we both the title and the contents of the article also meta tags are appropriate or related to each other. Simply put, do not give a title away from the discussion. Some things to note are:

1. What are the advantages of our content pages.

There are millions of content that exist in the world of the internet therefore we must find out what the benefits of our content pages by presenting original and unique articles from others that will make our content visitors remain loyal to return to visit our site again. Consider the way we organize elements (text, images, etc.) on our site pages and make sure the layout looks interesting and make sure visitors can easily find what they're looking for so as not to confuse our content visitors.

2. Make sure we have clear and easy navigation to use.

The navigation menu is an important part of a useful site providing an exciting experience for visitors. With clear navigation it can encourage users to interact effectively with our content. Things to consider in making the navigation menu are:
- Arrangement of elements whether already arranged correctly.
- Easy text for users to read or site visitors.
- Ensures the drop and down functionality is working properly.
Whatever the form content of the site the navigation menu created on the site should be to help users to quickly interact with the content of our site.

3. Make sure our content is unique and appealing to users.

Earn Money With Google Adsense For Content Monetization - Before signing up for AdSense, make sure first whether the site we both the title and the contents of the article also meta tags are appropriate or related to each other.

It is not easy to know whether our content is interesting or unique to users but the easiest way to do is to present original content to users. Providing useful and original content is essential to building a solid and loyal user base. If users enjoy our content, they will share their experiences with others, and this will help us to develop the site. And of course when users feel helped by the content that we present then most likely our content will be shere and reshared to others. Make sure that our content does not contain content like this:
  • Adult content
  • Dangerous or defamatory content
  • Drugs and drug related content
  • Content related to alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Content related to health care
  • Content ha cking and cra cking
  • The page offers a compensation program
  • Misleading content
  • Content is about violence
  • Content related to weapons
  • Content that allows dishonest behavior
  • Illegal content

Make sure that all content that we serve the furthest from matters relating to the content mentioned above so that later adsense account and our blog account safe from banned, as quoted from intipsviral.org Monday (7/8/170).

The most fundamental thing in assessing our content is appropriate for adsense is to understand the desire adsense ago then act as a reader of content to know the weaknesses of our own content both in terms of pages and navigation is comfortable to use and not cause confusion for the user later.

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Seo Tool 2019
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